About the MD

Dear All,

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who showed confidence in me from last 15 years and made me proud to be an inspiration for them.

Life is all about CHANCES and OPPORTUNITIES. Never leave anything to CHANCE and never let an OPPORTUNITY get away. But remember you should be in the field of your choice not by chance.

Students are today enlightened, confident, and alert. They need just a ray of guidance and inspiration. They need to be more focused. I feel Proud to be that faint ray of guidance and inspiration, proud to be a reason of smile for you, proud to be your teacher, friend and guide.

You must have heard there is no substitute to hard work. Hard work accompanied by matchless guidance and innovation is the key to excellence in the present world of cut-throat competition. We foster sharpening of skills and enhancement of knowledge base in our students through quality teaching by dedicated and experienced faculty members. We make every effort to provide you the finest. We compete with tough targets of sound quality, demanding level of honest delivery in classrooms and unmatched study materials.

We at Achievers ensure targeted preparation under expert guidance coupled with matchless study material makes the task much easier.

As a sincere student listen to your teachers when they tell you what to do. But more significantly, think about it later why they told you to do so. Think of everyone who has made fun of you. Use the image of their faces to motivate yourself to study hard and work harder. Every problem might not have a solution right away, but remember that every solution was once a problem.

It is true that experience is one of life’s best teachers. But if you don’t study you will perhaps never get any experience.

As a parent of a student, we assure you of a very enriching and fruitful time that your ward will be spending with us. We not only try to achieve them academic excellence but also develop them as a responsible human being at every stage of their social life.

Thank You!

Pralhad Joshi